Established in 1996, Oldies Tours is a Los Angeles based company offering vintage Classic Cadillac convertibles of the sixties to discover the city.

Back in the days, Cadillac pioneered most of the technological advancement still used in today’s vehicle and the firm quickly became known as the absolute “Standard of the World”. The 1966 Cadillac model with it’s clean and well balance lines came with power everything; brakes, steering, windows and top. She is comfortable, quiet, safe and very large without being ostentatious but rather refined. With more than 300 days of sunshine – and little rain-  Los Angels is a de facto “convertible paradise”.

Design around the automobile, Los Angeles’ urban environment is unique compared to other places in the nation. The Freeways are great but the ever growing population has rendered those roadways quite slow. For our part the extensive use of surface street along with a keen understanding of the city and our ability to go anywhere allows us to show so much more, making your time worthwhile.

Classic cars tend to bring together individuals from all walk of life and our mission is to bring the nostalgia and upper most sense of style of the past into the present and share it with everyone.

Keep on Cruising
But Stay Classic
Keep on Cruising But Stay Classic